November 15, 2011

Interactive Kanban Workshop

Where: The Family Lifeline office
2325 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA (on-street parking available)

Details: Agile Richmond, in partnership with Impact Makers is presenting an Interactive Kanban Workshop with Daniel Vacanti of David J. Anderson and Associates, the firm responsible for developing Kanban. Kanban is more than a software development methodology, it has project and operational elements to drive efficiencies and make your organization’s performance and processes more predictable.

Join us for an interactive introduction to Kanban with a fun project simulation game that will get you quickly acquainted with a real Kanban system and allow you to experience working as a team using Kanban techniques.

About the presenter: Daniel Vacanti: Nobody is better qualified to present Agile and Kanban than Mr. Vacanti. As founders of Kanban, he and his colleagues at David J. Anderson are internationally recognized experts. They have taught course and presented this material in two dozen countries around the world.

Cost: Free

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