We want you to change. Change your thinking, change how you manage; change how you think about work. There are better ways to deliver value to your company and your customers. Consistent success is possible. Agile Richmond wants to help you. We are a non-profit professional organization dedicated to understanding and promoting better ways to get work done using Agile, KanBan and Lean approaches.

Come join us. It’s time for a change.

What Is Lean?

Lean is a business improvement approach which uses the basic question "Does this step add value for my customer?" to evaluate and improve processes. In a broader sense, Lean is also a way of thinking and a systematic approach to running enterprises and businesses. The goal of Lean is simple: improve the value and minimize the time between customer request and fulfillment by continually improving the whole process and focusing work that adds value to the customer. It is a process, a philosophy, and a way of thinking.

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What Is Agile?

Simply put, Agile is an approach to solution development that embraces, rather than resists, change. In the late1990's a group of thought leaders in the area of organizational effectiveness and project execution began to examine why projects in information technology, especially large projects, fail far more often than not. According to research by the Standish Institute, published in 1995, only about 16% of projects actually were seen as successful - on time, on budget, delivering what was wanted. (A 2004 repeat study shows a success rate of 34% - poor odds on investments that often reach millions of dollars).

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