January 10, 2010

Scrum For Kids

We had a great session on the 10th on bringing Agile & Scrum principals into everyday family life. Joe Meade, of Dominion Digital, and Peace Bode (and their kids via video) shared with us how they applied Scrum to improve the family’s communication and ability to get life done. They spoke with passion about how their lives have been changed and family happiness improved by bringing Scrum into the home. The audience, which included spouses and kids, educators, agile coaches and coders, all were eager to learn specific techniques that worked for Joe and Peace. After the presentation the audience spent quite a bit of time discussing with Joe and Peace about how chores, homework, music lessons, sporting events and more could be managed, by the kids themselves, with the Scrum process Everyone came away impressed and no doubt at least a few went home and setup a Scrum board!

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