February 28, 2009

Special Agile Richmond and PMI joint event – 2009 Intro to Agile Agile Richmond joined with PMI Richmond to present a seminar on Agile on Saturday, February 28th.. It was a GREAT success, with almost 70 attendees. The Agile Richmond team of Kelly Snavely, Roney Pate, Lyssa Atkins, Tania Broome and Thirumala Areti presented a 3 part session to a very responsive group of Project Managers and other professionals. The session started with a overview of Agile, lead by Roney, which generated a lot of conversation and energy. Then, Lyssa lead the group in a “59 minute Scrum” to give people a taste of how Agile really feels. Tania and Kelly followed with a discussion and group workout on how PMBOK and Agile thinking align. Finally, there was a very active Q&A session in which the entire group fielded questions from the audience. It truly was a great session – for the attendees, for PMI and for Agile Richmond.

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