June 2016

The Hidden Agility in Government IT Event Details ABSTRACT: Whether your preference is Waterfall or Agile, there are characteristics individual to both that have the power to make projects successful. But often times, supplier and recipient must have congruency on organizational structure, IT methodology, culture, procurement policies, etc. that helps to dictate which one, and[…]

May 2016

Growing Agile Managers Event Details ABSTRACT: When helping our teams and our organizations “go Agile”, you will find books and articles about helping teams understand the principles and practices behind effective Agile. You will also find plenty of support to help you enlist senior leaders and executives, helping them understand the value of short iterations,[…]

April 2016

Happiness: A Key Component of Agile Event Details Abstract: Selling Agile can be a difficult challenge, especially to those who are set in their ways. Increasing your understanding of why Agile works strengthens your ability to deal with these difficult situations. One of the aspects that is rarely discussed when talking about Agile is how[…]

January 2016

Experiment First, Build Later: Leveraging Dual-Track Agile To Consistently Build The Right Product For Customers Event Details Abstract: For a software product team, the ultimate mission is to discover and deliver products that are valuable to customers and drive an impact to the business. When a team sets off to solve a set of customer[…]

December 2015

Hygieia Dashboard – Making sense from your DevOps tools Agile Richmond ABSTRACT: Tools are a big part of today’s Agile and DevOps methodologies. A typical app team uses Project Management, Source Control, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Code Analysis, Security Scanning, Deployment and Monitoring tools just to name a few. While each of these tools often[…]

November 2015

The Empathy Toy Event Details ABSTRACT: Are you wondering how to foster greater collaboration and creativity within your teams in an ever more diverse workplace? Come learn about and experience The Empathy Toy (by Twenty One Toys), a Serious Play tool designed to help our team members understand each other and grow their empathy muscles.[…]

August 2015

The TAO of POOH and Personalities with Agile Teams Event Details ABSTRACT: Ever wonder about the different personalities and how they contribute to a healthy team? We’ll be examining this topic through the eyes of Taoism and some of our childhood friends. BIO: John Genier got his start in San Francisco in the 90’s where[…]