October 2016

Applying Agile Practices to Marketing “Are you an Agile company?” “Yes, our IT department is using Scrum and Kanban.” “But what about your marketing department?” [silence.] Agile is a given today on tech teams, in product management, and on design/creative teams. But what about marketing? The days of sticking to yearly marketing plans is gone.[…]

July 2016

Growing A Rose Bush In The Desert – Lessons On Introducing Agile To Organizations That Are Ambivalent Event Details ABSTRACT: Do you or someone you know work in an organization whose culture is ambivalent regarding using and implementing Agile in the current environment? Perhaps it’s doesn’t “fit” the way the company “works”. Perhaps its “too[…]

June 2016

The Hidden Agility in Government IT Event Details ABSTRACT: Whether your preference is Waterfall or Agile, there are characteristics individual to both that have the power to make projects successful. But often times, supplier and recipient must have congruency on organizational structure, IT methodology, culture, procurement policies, etc. that helps to dictate which one, and[…]

May 2016

Growing Agile Managers Event Details ABSTRACT: When helping our teams and our organizations “go Agile”, you will find books and articles about helping teams understand the principles and practices behind effective Agile. You will also find plenty of support to help you enlist senior leaders and executives, helping them understand the value of short iterations,[…]