Dec 2017

Agile Transformation without Change Management? … Like Diving in the Deep End without Knowing the Depth OCM for Agile Richmond – Presentation Slides Abstract: While individual teams frequently experience new levels of productivity after adopting Agile, those same Agile practices and mindsets when applied more broadly rarely align with an organization’s existing norms, especially with regard[…]

Nov 2017

Disrupting Ourselves Moving to a Teal Organizational Model Teal Self Management – Presentation Slides ABSTRACT: In his book Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux describes the “Teal Organization” model. Teal organizations have an evolutionary purpose, self-managing teams with little or no organizational hierarchy, and individuals who bring their whole person to work rather than putting on a work[…]

July 2017

Tech Week in RVA – Effective Conflict Management with LEGO® Serious Play ABSTRACT: People want to be heard, they want to feel understood, and they want their unique voice to count. Conflict is inevitable. Healthy conflict can be critical to leveraging this diversity to drive innovation. If your organization is serious about innovation, it’s time[…]

February 2017

Customer Discovery and Your Strategic Toolset Abstract: At product launch, there is often too heavy a focus on “features” and an inability to fully understand customer needs resulting in delayed releases, high cash burn rates, and potentially failed products. Many teams will assume they know exactly what the customer wants and begin an iterative development[…]