Agile Richmond Outreach

We have focused our outreach along several venues to spread the word regarding Lean and Agile to enable the community to become even better at what it does. We are not a consulting group, but a not for profit organization to share the experiences of the community and broaden the help we can give each other. As Agile “evangelists” we are willing and ready to help an organization understand what Agile and Lean are and how to successfully bring these powerful change agents to these organizations. Agile Richmond is committed to serving and bringing the local community together. If you are a part of a local user group that would like to collaborate or co-host an event with Agile Richmond please contact

Richmond PMI Partnership

The general industry is realizing that Agile in of itself doesn’t replace good project management. But the role of project manager (in conjunction with a coach) is ‘different’ in Agile. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has also recognized this new role of ‘Agile’ Project Manager. As a result, Agile Richmond has created a strategic partnership with the Central Virginia Area PMI group.