July 2017

Tech Week in RVA – Effective Conflict Management with LEGO® Serious Play
ABSTRACT: People want to be heard, they want to feel understood, and they want their unique voice to count. Conflict is inevitable. Healthy conflict can be critical to leveraging this diversity to drive innovation. If your organization is serious about innovation, it’s time to try something out of the box.

How can organizations engage leaders and innovators collaboratively and guide them to winning outcomes? LEGO® Serious Play (LSP) makes that happen. LSP creates an environment where issues can be discussed openly, creating an integrative approach to conflict management. Teams can negotiate win-win outcomes much faster than traditional conflict management methods.

In this hands-on session, attendees will learn how LSP is an effective and efficient tool for integrating diverse viewpoints. Participants will experience how LSP creates a safe space to explore new ideas and develop a common understanding leading to forward-thinking action.

3 Learning Objectives:

  • How LSP can increase team empathy and understanding
  • How LSP catalyzes of differing viewpoints and empowers teams to tap into their diversity
  • How LSP creates a safe environment to address conflict

Joe SnyderBIO: Joe Snyder is a seasoned IT Professional with broad, diverse experience in Project Management, Agile Coaching, and Training for organizations including Financial Services, Health Care, software development, and Government Agencies. He has a strong record of achieving outstanding strategic and tactical results in large and small enterprises across a wide spectrum of operational initiatives and functions. Joe is successful at building strong teams and facilitating consensus to bring order out of chaos, and delivering predictable outcomes through developing and managing relationships. He has a wide ranging experience in enterprise transformation to adopt and implement agile methodologies.

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