May 2017

Make Stronger: How To Improve Your Everyday Work Through The Power Of Critique.
ABSTRACT: Every day we are either creating something for someone to review or we are reviewing something for someone else. Whether you’re giving or receiving feedback on everyday work, there is an approach which can make your feedback more actionable and less prescriptive (and get the outcome you want). The power of critique applies to anything you create, from a presentation deck to an interface design.

Come learn an approachable way to critique, and even participate in an actual critique exercise. You should be able to use these techniques with your work the very next day.

Darrell EstabrookBIO: Darrell started designing web sites and web applications in 1996—when animated GIFs made their debut and dial-up modems reigned. That year, he helped a friend start a local internet service provider and fired up Photoshop 4. He designed is first customer facing web application for a client—a map-based monthly coupon service—and never looked back.

While technology and customer sophistication has changed over the years, the principles of design have remained true. Darrell has cultivated his digital design experience working with people at global and national brands, small businesses, and non-profits. He’s worked in industries ranging from financial services, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and higher education.

Today, Darrell currently leads the Design team at SingleStone—a Richmond-based consulting firm that specializes in Customer Experience (CX) solutions spanning strategy, culture, process, and technology.

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