November 2016

Why Agile Is Failing?

ABSTRACT: Even before the signing of the Agile manifesto, Agile methodologies have offered tremendous benefits, both to organizations and the individuals who comprise those organizations. Sustainable pace coupled with hyper velocities, self-managing teams with high levels of autonomy, and close interaction with business to improve focus on customer value should have led to a complete redefinition of the development environment. Yet, as more and more organizations embrace ‘Agile’, are we really seeing the full benefits we should be?

Andrew BennettBIO: Andrew Bennett has over 15 years in senior/executive leadership in technology firms and has spent most of the past decade as a dedicated Agile Coach and leadership consultant. Most recently, he leads the Agile transformation at Verisign and served as the Enterprise Agile Coach for Verisk Health. Andrew is now consulting with multiple startups and focusing on finishing his PhD. in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management and conducting research in the effectiveness of Agile implementations.


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