April 2016

Happiness: A Key Component of Agile
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Abstract: Selling Agile can be a difficult challenge, especially to those who are set in their ways. Increasing your understanding of why Agile works strengthens your ability to deal with these difficult situations. One of the aspects that is rarely discussed when talking about Agile is how it creates happier employees and how happier employees result in better quality products and higher productivity. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to explain that relationship the next time somebody says they don’t understand why we shouldn’t have a deadline or why they can’t interrupt the sprint?

Join us for an interactive discussion where we will blend science and real life experiences to uncover the relationship between Agile, happiness and productivity. With any luck, we might just have some fun along the way!

Eric Green
Speaker: Jeremy Webb has spent nearly a decade in the software development world. He has filled a number of different roles in product and organizational development, launched dozens of top performing products to emerging and existing markets and was a key contributor in a transformation effort that led to selling a company for a billion dollars. During these efforts, Jeremy noticed trends in what makes certain teams and organizations more effective than others and began researching and building systems to replicate the high performance environments.

In 2013, Jeremy co-founded Organizational Engineering with the intent of Changing the Way the World Works ™ and Making the World a Better Place Though Better Business ™. The organization focuses on applying human behavioral principles that increase productivity and product quality though making work more fulfilling for employees. Organizational Engineering provides consultation services, workshops and training programs that help organizations make lasting transformations.

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