February 2016

Scrum vs. Kanban: A False Choice
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Abstract: One of the biggest problems in the global Agile community today is a widespread notion that a choice should be made principally between either Scrum or Kanban as a delivery method and that these methods are generally mutually exclusive. Eric explains why this is a false choice and how belief in this myth directly inhibits knowledge work agility and human well-being. Human knowledge has evolved well beyond prescriptive 1st Generation Agile that seeks to tame chaotic, risky and inhumane Waterfall environments. The times have changed and to realize true fitness-for-purpose in today’s hyper-accelerated work environments with lightening fast learning curves, it is the skillful design and contextual application of Flow (systems) and Cadence (feedback loops) that provide the most practical and evidence-based path to agility Рa path which simply outperforms textbook methodology. Through experience of coaching teams around the world implementing Scrum and Kanban for over 20 years, Eric illustrates why this problem exists and how we can liberate ourselves from it and transcend contextually-insensitive (dysfunctional) Agile practice. #radicalpragmatism

Eric GreenSpeaker: Eric Green is CEO and Principal Lean/Agile Consultant at Zenkata and helps progressive companies leverage pragmatic state-of-the-art Lean/Agile methods and tools for breakthrough strategy, portfolio and delivery management. Eric has coached and managed engineering teams around the world for over 20 years practicing Lean/Agile and actively collaborates with industry thought leaders like David J Anderson. Eric is one of a small number of Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT) in North America.


Note: The event this month is a joint meeting with Capital Kanban.

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