December 2015

Hygieia Dashboard – Making sense from your DevOps tools
Agile Richmond ABSTRACT: Tools are a big part of today’s Agile and DevOps methodologies. A typical app team uses Project Management, Source Control, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Code Analysis, Security Scanning, Deployment and Monitoring tools just to name a few. While each of these tools often has a dashboard, what is missing is a single end-to-end view of an app’s continuous delivery pipeline.

At Capital One, the DevOps community believes that while tools, automation and collaboration are very important, a continuous feedback loop is critical to DevOps success. Capital One looked for such an end-to-end visualization tool in the commercial market as well as in the open source community. Without much success by 2014, Capital One decided to build a custom solution to meet their needs…and then share it with the rest of the world.

Today Capital One’s first open source product Hygieia has over 130 forks with more than 400 stargazers. Formally launched at OSCON in July 2015, Hygieia is rapidly becoming a leading global platform for enterprises rolling out DevOps.

In this presentation, Dr. Tapabrata Pal of Capital One and Ryan Shriver of SingleStone will tell the Hygieia story from concept to MVP to launch. Designed and developed right here in RVA, we’ll demo how Hygieia visualizes the key continuous delivery metrics in a single responsive interface. You will leave with the knowledge and inspiration to setup Hygieia and begin receiving continuous feedback on your DevOps tools.

Ryan Shriver
SPEAKER: Ryan Shriver is passionate about helping people design, build and launch innovative products and services. Throughout his career he has mentored leaders, designers, analysts and engineers in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 200. Currently the Director of Technology at SingleStone, Ryan leads a talented team who engineer for the human experience with a focus on Agile, DevOps and the Cloud. When not working with clients, Ryan enjoys teaching Problem Solving for Designers in VCU’s School of the Arts.

Tapabrata Pal
SPEAKER: Dr. Tapabrata Pal has 20 years of IT experience in various technology roles (Developer, Operations Engineer and Architect) in the retail, healthcare and finance industries. Over the last three years, Tapabrata has served as Director of Capital One’s Enterprise Architecture group and led the company’s DevOpsSec initiatives. He is currently Director and Platform Engineering Fellow and is focused on next-generation infrastructure. Previously, Tapabrata spent some time in academics doing doctoral and post-doctoral research in the field of solid-state physics.


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