November 2015

The Empathy Toy
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ABSTRACT: Are you wondering how to foster greater collaboration and creativity within your teams in an ever more diverse workplace? Come learn about and experience The Empathy Toy (by Twenty One Toys), a Serious Play tool designed to help our team members understand each other and grow their empathy muscles.

Why Play? True collaboration, creativity, innovation, and even learning require play; hence the growing use of games and play in the Agile community for learning and doing work. Play also helps us to inject joy back into the workplace.

Why Empathy? Because innovation and design comes out of understanding those we design for, and seeing, feeling, and experiencing what they see, feel, and experience. Empathy, as it turns out, “is at the heart of design.” (Tim Brown, IDEO)

Join us for a fun evening with The Empathy Toy

Brad Hughes

SPEAKER: Brad Hughes is a Lean, Agile, and Executive Coach with over 20 years experience in software development and IT in corporate, government, and consulting environments, and a passion to help build safe and sustainable environments for knowledge work. Particular passions include the Kanban modern management method. Brad is a LEGO Serious Play Facilitator and holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, and a Certified Executive Coach credential from Royal Roads University.

Ellen Grove

SPEAKER: Ellen Grove is an Agile coach & trainer with Agile Partnership, based in Ottawa, Canada. Ellen helps teams and organizations do better work through coaching them in creating the circumstances in which they can work most productively and effectively. Her Agile coaching practice is founded in over 15 years experience leading software testing, development and implementation teams in global enterprises, a passion for exploratory software testing and user-centered design, and a background in community organization. She facilitates the transition to collaborative Agile work practices at the team, managerial and corporate levels, and has conquered the challenges of extending Scrum roll-outs to off-shore development partners and multi-site project teams for enterprise and public sector clients in Canada. Ellen is also an Open Space facilitator and a StrategicPlay certified facilitator in Lego Serious Play methods, and one of the lead organizers of Agile Coach Camp Canada.

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