June 2015

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Archie Miller

SPEAKER: Archie Miller

ABSTRACT: Storymapping emerged from the work of Agile coach Jeff Patton and has now been adapted and used in various iterations across many product teams working today. These maps help teams create a shared understanding of our customer’s world and how we can identify their unmet needs. It also helps teams understand the scope of potential solutions without leaving gaps in your backlog.

In this hands-on exercise, attendees will learn the basics of creating and using a storymapping in a highly collaborative Agile product development culture. In addition the use of personas, design studios and how to identify Minimal Viable Products (MVP).

If you’re new to the concept of storymapping, this workshop serves as a helpful introduction and equips you with the tools to try your own storymap exercise. If you’re familiar with storymapping, you might learn a variation not previously explored.

PRESENTER: With over 18 years of product design experience, Archie Miller has worked with many nationally prominent US clients such as American Express, Amtrak, General Electric, Owens Corning, and Wachovia. Most recently, Archie has led UX for online product development for teams at crutchfield.com, snagajob.com, and most recently as team manager for interaction design at Carmax.


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