September 2012

September 20, 2012

Location: Tuckahoe Library

CMMI(r) to Agile: Options and Consequences

ABSTRACT: If you long for greater agility in your process-oriented or CMMI world, this presentation is for you. Paul McMahon shares how organizations can integrate agile approaches with CMMI and its key process area requirements. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches taken by two organizations-one a CMMI Level 3 and the other a Level 5-to embrace agile principles and practices. To ensure your organization doesn’t jeopardize its CMMI compliance with agile methods, Paul shares an approach that uses techniques such as asking key questions to focus objectives, pruning your processes, using the CMMI less formally, and keeping your “must dos” packaged separately from guidelines. He describes and discusses examples of each technique. Learn why the two organizations took different approaches, why one achieved its goals, and why the other fell short. If your organization is invested in CMMI, learn what others have discovered about increasing organizational agility and performance while remaining CMMI compliant.
(r) CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

SPEAKER BIO: Paul E. McMahon, principal at PEM Systems (, has twenty-three years of industry experience as a software developer, team leader, and coach. For the past fifteen years, he has assisted his clients in achieving advanced CMMI certification levels as he coaches project managers, leaders, and software practitioners in industry best practices. Paul is a Certified ScrumMaster and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; instructor of Software Engineering at Binghamton University; and author of more than forty articles and two books including Integrating CMMI and Agile Development: Case Studies and Proven Techniques for Faster Performance Improvement. You can reach Paul at

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