October 12, 2010

Mike Hill Speaks – Five Pillars Of Coaching Practice: An Introduction: In this session, Mike “GeePaw” Hill presents and describes his Pillars Of Coaching, the basic sources of all successful coaching efforts: Situating, Modeling, Releasing, Sorting, and Inviting. These are the wellsprings from which an experienced coach draws ideas, insights, and inspiration. The GeePawHill style, funny and pointed and spot-on accurate, should make this session informative and pleasurable. Mike “GeePaw” Hill has been a professional programmer for twenty-eight years. For the last ten years he has focused his efforts as a trainer, coach, and team lead on XP software projects and transitions. Mike is a well-known leader in the Agile community and is a regular speaker at related industry events. His chief interest over the last few years has been on the perils and rewards of coaching agile development teams.

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