June 15, 2010

Don Gray and decision making in the Agile world. We all make decisions every day. Thousands of them. What shoes am I going to wear? What work should I do first? Is it a right or left turn? But do you think about HOW decisions are made? Particularly in your teams and your work environment? Are they voted on, or decreed, or made by consensus? Don Gray thinks about this quite a lot. How we make decisions, or allow them to be made, have at least as much effect on outcomes as the decisions themselves. Decide to join Don and your Agile Richmond colleagues on June 15th for a session examininghow decisions are really made, and how to do it better in the Agile environment. It will be your best decision of the day! Learn more about Don, an expert in Integrating People, Projects and Processes here: http://donaldegray.com/ Tuesday, June 15th. 6 pm. FREE! At Staff Focus Consulting.

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