March 6, 2010

Delivering Real Value with Scrum Special Opportunity for Training with Tom & Kai Gilb : Agile Richmond is pleased to host agile pioneers Tom Gilb & Kai Gilb for a one day seminar on Delivering Real Value with Scrum. Join them, along with Agile Richmond board member Ryan Shriver, and learn how to: Create clear channels of communication that work; Identify and quantify the highest priority product objectives; Carry prioritization from the business idea through to the backlog; Develop a value-based approach to decision making; Deliver measurable business value by harnessing the power of Scrum. Scrum creator Jeff Sutherland calls Kai and Tom’s work “some of the most innovative things I have seen in the Scrum community”. If you are serious about Scrum, and want to help your business understand it’s value, you need this knowledge. To find out more about Tom and Kai’s work, visit their website at

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